Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three Visitors

Gustav Doré (1832-1883) imagined that Abraham encountered the Three Visitors from afar, a contrast to the views shown by Chagall and by Rublev's icon.

The story is found in Genesis 18, 1-16.


  1. you can almost feel Abraham's reverent strength in his unique conviction for the realm of spirits, how he sees natural forms through unto their supernal actuality without fear for the power and release one must sense at beholding such awe, and with equal majesty such miracles are depicted in earthly form for all to see, immortalized in the daring works of such artists...

    Many thanks for posting these images of Dore's work. Have you seen one in person?

  2. No, I have never seen any of Dore's work in person

    Thank you for your interesting and insightful comment.